Salmon, Mashed Peas and Caulirice

It’s a Friday night and I’m looking for something exciting and fun to satisfy my hungry Aorta. Can anything be more boring than grilled meat with a side of veggies? Try no salt…almost everything we eat, whether it’s at home or in a nice restaurant, has salt. Let’s face it, salt is delicious. BUT to my Aorta, it’s poison. I KNOW, you keep hearing about the dangers of salt everywhere you go…it’s bad for the heart, makes you retain water, it increases blood pressure: blah, blah, blah. But who doesn’t love it? I ignored it too and turns out it mighta been a contributing factor to my current health condition.

Luckily for me, fish that comes from the sea has a natural saltiness to it and minimal sodium, about 50 mg in a 3 oz. portion and it’s high in Omega’s which help regulate cholesterol. Salmon is my go-to favorite.

Inspired by those trendy Netflix cooking series and wine magazines littering my hardwood floor I decided it was time to check the fridge. It just so happened I had wild salmon, fresh peas and cauliflower rice in the fridge. Peas aren’t the first veggie I think of when I grill salmon. What to do?…I could go to the store and grab some asparagus but we all know half the battle of eating healthier is lost at the grocery store between the snack and wine aisle.

Instead, I feverishly grabbed my phone, opened Pinterest then typed “salmon and peas”. To my surprise it’s a “thing”. A chunk of meat with a mountain of green next to it. Finding a recipe I could work with, I set out to make a culinary masterpiece.

Here’s a trick I learned: if it looks pretty, she doesn’t know it’s healthy! PLUS it tastes way radder!!

Knowing I would need to contrast the vibrant mountain of green in the picture I was looking at, I halved two beets and set them to boil.

There were surprisingly few ingredients in the pea mash recipe although I altered it a bit, leaving out the, you guessed it: poison. I also left out pepper as I planned to season the salmon and didn’t want too taste too much. In addition, I juiced half a small lemon to the peas, avocado, extra virgin olive oil and fresh garlic (next time we lose the garlic-it made us fart all night and wasn’t very sexy) and pureed. My Pinterest example seemed less artsy and appealing than my mood…I had top chef aspirations in mind so I found a mason jar lids to use as makeshift molds, placed them on plates and scooped the mash into them before chilling in the fridge.

I seasoned the salmon with fresh cracked pepper. I use a blend with green, red and black corns-I call it the Christmas mix. I placed the salmon skin side down, on a lightly greased olive oil pan (maybe a teaspoon) and cooked on a medium stove-top flame. I always start skin side down because the oil from the skin flavors the meat when you turn it and gives it a nice caramel color.

Garnish, always add it! I grated a knuckles worth of carrot, made an olive oil-mint drizzle and some thinly sliced lemon with mint sprigs to top the salmon.Even if it looks like Frankenstein pulled something from his dinner jacket, a garnish adds an extra bit of care to a meal. Frankensteined garnish at a restaurant not so much, but at home, shit happens and it’s okay, so just try it.

Cauliflower rice is my new darling at Joe’s and conveniently comes already chopped up in a handy bag. I was so happy to find it too because I tried to make my own from another recipe about a year ago which turned into a Pinfail of epic proportions. A tip to use here: after you steam the caulirice, press the moisture out with a couple of paper towels. It fluffs up nice that way.

While the rice and salmon were cooking I pureed the beets and used the remaining juice from boiling them to dress the plates. Is there any reason to season beets? I don’t think so. They are nutty, sweet balls of healthy deliciousness AND they are known to help reduce blood pressure.

Plating was easy and didn’t take long at all. I slowly lifted the lids from the pea mash, drizzling the olive oil around the plate. Next I spooned and swished the beet puree, caulirice and shredded carrot; lastly I added a scoop of beets and placed the salmon and its garnish on top of the mash.

Total time to prep and cook (including a nice veggie bath) was one hour-I was drinking wine and dancing so don’t judge me.

List of ingredients, dinner for two:

Two 3oz Wild Salmon Filets

¼ Avocado

2 C. Fresh Peas, shelled

1 Garlic Clove

2 Beets

1 C. Cauliflower Rice

Pepper to taste

A knuckles worth of carrot

1 Lemon (half for pea mash and half to garnish)

2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tsp to season pan, the rest to drizzle)

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