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Low-So Stir Fry

Quite a few people in the Aortic community ask about recipes for Aortic health. There really isn’t a guidebook for us when we leave the hospital. I was told to avoid soda and salt…that’s pretty much it. However, after doing some research on my own and talking with others, I realized it doesn’t take a… Continue reading Low-So Stir Fry


Juicy Aorta

We recently replaced our old, faithful Jack Lalane Express Juicer for a Breville. 2 years ago, after watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, we decided to add Green Juice to our diet because we were inspired by the movie and I wanted to see if I could get off some of my meds. I was… Continue reading Juicy Aorta


Salmon, Mashed Peas and Caulirice

It’s a Friday night and I’m looking for something exciting and fun to satisfy my hungry Aorta. Can anything be more boring than grilled meat with a side of veggies? Try no salt…almost everything we eat, whether it’s at home or in a nice restaurant, has salt. Let’s face it, salt is┬ádelicious. BUT to my… Continue reading Salmon, Mashed Peas and Caulirice